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Thread: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

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    Default Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    Woo-hoo happy bday TD may I never get as old as you lmao
    jk, jk hope you have a good one!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    *rim shot*
    Thanks guys! I'm just north of Dallas Texas... and my official WTF moment has just happened....!/...8100370&ref=nf

    I have 3-6 inches of snow surrounding my house.... In Texas... on the 2nd day of spring?!?!
    (yeah I know... I need to update it... BUT I NEED TO MOD!!! )

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    Happy Birthday! dude enjoy sorry about snow

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    Happy Birthday Craig! It was 75 and Sunny on Friday and then we got the same thing!

    Hope you have a great day.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    Happy Birthday
    Quote Originally Posted by lastweek View Post
    Not only will it probably catch fire to your house, it will probably shoot peices out of your case and kill your cat. make sure you video tape your expierment.
    Quote Originally Posted by StormRider View Post
    Write your will before you turn it on

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    happy birthday!~
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    Happy birthday and welcome to the weird weather. We had two 60+ days two days ago and now there's half an inch of solid ice on everything. It's weird, everything is green like it's spring but we're looking at it through an ice cocoon.
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    Happy B-Day!!!!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Tech-Daddy

    Happy birthday
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    Quote Originally Posted by progbuddy View Post
    It's probably the extreme radiation from the nuclear core in your phone. Push the control rod all the way in.
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