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    Wink paint question

    for the interior of my case I'm painting jet back with a red or purple glitter overlay...(I havent decided on final glitter colour)...

    My question is this:... Is there something I have to do after I paint the glitter on?... eg: do I have to seal it with something or is it ok just as the glitter spray paint?

    eagerly awating reply
    thanks ^DP^

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    Check it out. Are you after this?

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    For air bursh paint there is a perl / glitter that you add to the pain before you spray it on. Gives the same perl look that you can see on come cars.

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    naw I was going to use this
    over the top of jet balck car quality paint so that when I put lights in the case it kinda has a sparkle to it like the night sky kinda thing... I just wanted to know if I had to seal it in anyway but I guess tryal and error will have to be the way...

    thanks anyways guys

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