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Thread: Cutting a window

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    Default Cutting a window

    Hi, i should probably point out i'm totally new to modding!

    Now, i want to put a window in my side panel, and i have a rotary tool (cheap dremel type tool) to do it with, but i was wondering if you more experienced guys use some sort of a guide when cutting, like a metal rule or whatever, or do you just pencil in guidelines and then do it freehand?

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    Default Re: Cutting a window

    Lay tape down and draw out where you want the window to be. Then freehand cuts.

    1st pass alway leave some room to come back and clean up. Its better to make a mistake in the middle than on your edge. Plus it gives you a little practice with the tool.

    Go slow let the blade make the cuts, dont force it. Forcing will case blades to break and fly off, if they hit you it does hurt and can draw blood. Eye Ware is a must. Also going slow will make the blade last longer.

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    Default Re: Cutting a window

    Ok, thanks for the advice man, its much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Cutting a window

    Invest in diamond reinforced blades. They last, man. I was using some the other day, and i didn't realise how hot things were at the the blade end-till my...hmm what's it called? The thingy that holds the cutting disk. Anyway, it got hot enough to warp with the temperature. Meanwhile, i'm still on my first blade

    I think this is a one-off poor quality disc holder thing. But the reinforced discs are a must. I got 6 for £5 and judging by how long the first one's lasting i won't be needing to buy any more for a LOOOONG time.

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    Default Re: Cutting a window

    all i have is CF reinforced =[

    i should invest in those diamond ones, i wore down one of my CF Reinforced ones like halfway by just cutting a hole that was like 1 inch tall by 2 inches wide =/

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