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Thread: Eee Keyboard...seriously?

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    Default Re: Eee Keyboard...seriously?

    They should sell a non Touch Pad version. For $300 ish.
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    Default Re: Eee Keyboard...seriously?

    Or one without wireless HDMI. Right now that's probably more expensive than the touch screen, and as has been mentioned before, a single-core Atom can't really do crap for playing video.
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    Default Re: Eee Keyboard...seriously?

    Considering the price of the new iPad, I think this thing could be a lot nicer for home use. Nowadays I only really surf the web a little and listen to music so it would be really nice if I had my own place with a decent TV.

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    Default Re: Eee Keyboard...seriously? could take the cheaper version:

    P4 from Ebay: $60 (YMMV)
    ElementHTPC software (review coming soon)
    Synergy client
    Laptop (assuming you already have one)
    Synergy server on Laptop

    Same functionality once its all running.
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    Default Re: Eee Keyboard...seriously?

    I best you would feel sick if you stood that
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