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Thread: Acrylic Headphone Hook

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    Default Acrylic Headphone Hook

    I was sitting at my computer desk one night playing MW2. I finished playing and took my headphones off. I put them on top of my computer like I usually do. Then it hit me...I need somewhere to put these other than on my computer. I tossed around some ideas, then decided to make a hook out of acrylic. I made it in the same fashion that I made the acrylic bracelet for my wife. The pics were taken with my cell phone, as I didnt think to bring the camera down lol.

    Before (looks kinda messy):

    I marked 6 pieces of red and 5 pieces of green. Each piece was 4" x 2"

    and cut them out with the band saw

    then sanded them all down to the same size with the belt sander

    and glued them together with weld-on

    then after about an hour with the belt sander and a small diameter drum sander we get the basic shape

    then after 2 more hours of sanding from 80 grit all the way up to 1500 grit

    then I took the dremel to it, and used the always-amazing Novus plastic polish. I started with #3, then went to #2 with the white dremel buffing wheel. I then applied #1 by hand with a microfiber cloth

    I used a pair of Command strips from 3M to secure it to the side of my desk

    There, that looks much better!

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    Default Re: Acrylic Headphone Hook

    Nice. Great acrylic work.
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    Default Re: Acrylic Headphone Hook

    Great idea; I always find myself setting my headphones on the computer and wish I had a better place to put them.
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    Default Re: Acrylic Headphone Hook

    you sir are a master of acrylic. good work!
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    Default Re: Acrylic Headphone Hook

    wow. I want one

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