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Thread: Looking to trade 9" usb monitor for 15"

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    Default Looking to trade 9" usb monitor for 15"

    I paid 150 bucks for this 9" USB monitor on April 16th 2010. I'm looking to trade for a 15" 4:3 monitor, preferably not the older Dells.

    I love my 9" monitor but I have an awesome place for a 15". Touch screen would be amazing.

    EDIT: a 14" widescreen maaay work but they seem to be fairly hard to find. As long as it's under 14.25" wide including the bezel.

    EDIT: Here's a link to the 9" monitor up for sale or trade
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    Default Re: Looking to trade 9" usb monitor for 15"

    I have a MAG 4:3 15" LCD I'd gladly trade for your 9" as I have been wanting to get a USB monitor to use with my laptop. Sadly the 15" is not touch screen. The max resolution is 1024x768, it uses VGA connection, and has built in speakers.

    Here's a pic of it hooked up to my desktop:

    I can get you the exact specs on the monitor tomorrow and more pictures if you would like.

    BTW, could you tell me the specs on the 9"?
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