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Thread: Project: Tempest SXR

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    Hey mate, that looks pretty amazing. I was wanting to know if you could send me the cad file of the panels i was very interested in the engineering side of this. How it is so simple but so effective. If you could that would be great!
    my email is
    thanks in advanced

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    can i speak to this wonderful man?
    i want to talk about everything that's needed to do this.
    i'm thinking of putting this in a casemod.

    is msn possible?

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    I rarely use MSN but you can find me on Facebook here:

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    wow, actually surprised you responded, and that fast

    but me with my superspy tricks already found you on facebook, and then i found out i lost the pass of my account.

    ps, i don't use msn that much

    edit: ooh wow, my spy trick is better then your link. cause i found your personal facebook, and you gave me the mod one

    edit: so, i fixed that. just created a new account and added you

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    i'm going to take a nap.
    looking forward speaking to you tomorrow.
    i'll definitly put this in my new case if it's not to difficult.
    if you do it, you gotta overdo it

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