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Thread: I think Nvidia hit a winner

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    Default I think Nvidia hit a winner

    sounds like the new 460 (1GB) is the new mid/high card to back. From the reviews it sounds like it edges out the 5830 by a pretty good margin. opinions? ive been looking at some new toys, and for the price this is tempting... lemmie know what you guys think.
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    Default Re: I think Nvidia hit a winner

    I've seen a wide range of results. HardOCP was seeing them more neck and neck, Bit-tech showed the 460 1GB near the 5850 in some cases. The Bit-tech power consumption is very suspect (no other review I've seen places the 460 as the least power consuming on idle). Really, the only thing I like about it is the price, hopefully it will drive the price of the 5850 and 5770 down a bit.
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    Default Re: I think Nvidia hit a winner

    I've been holding out hope that ATI would do something awesome, and cutting their prices significantly would be awesome.

    As for the 460, a friend of mine bought the 480 ($$$$$$$) and it died in less than a week. He has RMA'd it already, waiting to see what happens now.

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    Default Re: I think Nvidia hit a winner

    I read a review of a factory overclocked 1 Gb version from Palit that performed on par with the GTX 470, yet only cost 240$, which is way less. Given the vastly improved temperatures and power consumption, I would say nvidia hit the nail right on the head with this one.

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    Default Re: I think Nvidia hit a winner

    I'd love for prices to come down on the 5770's, then I'd get a pair of those and swap out my 3870x2's

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    Default Re: I think Nvidia hit a winner

    The funny thing is, I'll probably be getting one of these at some stage... but I'm really disliking NVidia as a company now a days... so dirty....
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