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Thread: Sooo, what if in your RPG...

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    Default Re: Sooo, what if in your RPG...

    You could probably do it like a Monster Hunter type system.

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    Default Re: Sooo, what if in your RPG...

    So I take it none of you have ever played Guild Wars. I have to hunt specific creatures if I want things specific to that creature, ie: if I want spider legs I have to kill the giant spiders.

    Granted it's been long enough since i've played that I can't recall if creatures drop gold, some might but it's only small quantities. I credit that to animals like shiny things, and some real world creatures do collect said shiny things.
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    Default Re: Sooo, what if in your RPG...

    Actually, I've played GW since betas, and have a preorder already in on GW2.
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