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Thread: Custom Motherboard Tray Fabrication

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    Default Custom Motherboard Tray Fabrication

    I'm looking for someone that can fabricate a custom motherboard tray for me. Technically, I should say motherboards tray as I'm looking for someone to make a single tray to hold a pair of ATX motherboards. I'm thinking black acetal (delrin) would be the best building material.

    Yeah, I know it's a crappy illustration, but it's the best I could to do illustrate my idea.

    If you're able and willing to work with me on this project, please shoot me a PM and I will send a few sketches your way.

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    Actually, this is a far better representation. Granted, I barely know how to use Sketchup and have only average skill in Photoshop.

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    Bah....I'll go about this a different way

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