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Thread: ATI artifacts

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    Default ATI artifacts

    I turned off CCC overclocking to get rid of the screen jitters, and installed MSI afterburner, now i have heavy artifacts at stock clocks. IS THERE ANY WAY TO OC THIS CARD WITHOUT SOMETHING GOING WRONG??? any help is appreciated...
    (AMD 6850 from gigabyte)
    im uninstalling MSI now...
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    Default Re: ATI artifacts

    did you use gpu-z to see where the clocks were. also i know ati has this weird thing where the card will be down clocked to save power but i noticed when i turned ccc off for the same reason i ran fur mark and my card was running at gpu/152mhz /400 . this happen on my asus 4870 as well so i said **** it and flashed it so now its clocked at 800/1000 constantly it never drops. i dont have any stuttering or anything anymore. flashing your card can be very dangerous but it can also be very rewarding. for example when you switch computers the clock of the gpu go with the card instead of it all being software based. also your card may just be a dud ive had that happen as well with the 4870 wouldn't go 1 mhz over anything without giving me artifacts.
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    bench mark software.

    video bios flashing guide

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