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Thread: Last Day of 2010...

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    Default Last Day of 2010...

    What are you going to do?

    (I have to work tonight, so I have to live tonight vicariously through others)
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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    go out to dinner, stay up too late, have champagne, blow something up if I can get away with it (ok, kidding on that last one)
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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    I work a 13 hour shift today and I got 4 hours of sleep. GF woke me up at 9am when her friend called and decided to talk to her for like an hour and a half. Once I'm up I'm up so... tonight is going to suck. Especially because I get to deal with hundreds of drunks. YES!
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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    gonna see my best friend who got out of the hospital then to the gfs house. then sleeeppp. oh yeah work as well. buzz i know how you feel. drunks are sooo "fun".
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    Or are you talking about vending machine choice C-4?

    mmmmm... skittles....
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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    i'm going to be one of the drunks well not too drunk anyhow.
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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    just got back from shopping,

    have a Coors Light home draft, a 12 pack of Smirnoff Ice, 2 bottles of champaign, 36 oz of nachos chips and 2 pints of salsa.

    Plus whatever my friends are going to bring. Will probably just set up a few beer pong tables in the basement and have a good time hanging out. Its our last new years before we all graduate college and we arn't sure if we will all be together next year, so we are going to make this one count.


    Oh, and going to get some cigars, got to have cigars.

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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    I'm with you BG. I work 5pm to 5am. Probably safer anyways.
    Except for the gangland neighborhood behind my work....
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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    It's a bit of a family tradition for me to stay up to watch the ball drop with my grandmother. I know, not the most exciting evening, but I'll savor it since I'm not sure how many more New Years I've got with her. On a happier note, my clan is having a New Year's Day Fragathon the next day, so that'll be pretty awesome. Check it out on our forums.

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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    I get to sit in the house all night waiting to pick my wife up from work at about 5am - as I'll be driving when I pick her up, that means no new year beers for me - although I may have one with my son AT midnight as it'll be another 5 hours before I have to get behind the wheel....

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    Default Re: Last Day of 2010...

    Going out with some friends tonight and ring in the new year in style. Hopefully tonight will go better than this morning.

    Woke up at 6am like normal and made it to 6:15 when the power went out. Not sure if you have heard about the storms in Arkansas but that was what I woke up to. I live about 10 miles from where the tornado hit.

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