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Thread: star trek

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    Default star trek

    i used to watch startrek TNG with my grandfather when i was a kid, but quit watching it for some reason. i took a sick day from work today because i felt like crap, and syfy channel has been playing the movies all day, overall good stuff. i forgot i liked it. and now a dancing banana

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    Default Re: star trek

    I always enjoy finding old stuff I love and about 6 months ago we got net flix and I immediately started watching shows I never got to finish or catch episodes I missed my favorite was and has been catching the show "Sliders" from back in the day and I never got the chance to see "Fire Fly" and when "Serenity" came out thanks to net flix I got to see it!

    also.... a dancing banana

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    Default Re: star trek

    My brother in-law picked up "Fire Fly" entire series and "Serenity" at Pawn America last week for $10.
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    Default Re: star trek

    I would also like to mention I liked "Star Trek" but mostly got into "ST: Voyager" mainly because that was the version out at the time and because it had seven out of nine reasons to watch. since they come in bunches.....

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    Default Re: star trek

    i hate star trek, but only because my two closest friends love it and think star wars sucks....
    And when i try and compromise and say that the original series of star trek was ok, they disagree and witter on about how superior TNG is. Lame!

    Also thanks to the guy who mentioned Sliders, used to watch that as a kid and completely forgot it existed!!

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    Default Re: star trek

    Two years. They were great. Let's make the next ones even better!


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    Default Re: star trek

    all of the above... and mash and hogans heroes
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    Default Re: star trek

    Burn notice!
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    Default Re: star trek

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    Default Re: star trek

    I loved Star Trek, all of them.

    And Firefly was the best show to be on television in a decade or more. I'm still pissed about that one, though it's good to see some of the cast members in other roles. Anyone seen Kaylee??
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