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    Yeah, so I decided to build a 2TB ammo can NAS box. I'm waiting for the hard drive and a custom I/O panel to arrive before I can wrap things up.

    The top of the ammo can after I cut the 120mm fan port. The lid is quite thick which made cutting it a bitch., I'll definitely consider placing the fan ports elsewhere for future ammo can builds.

    I used some epoxy putty to permanently hold the handle in place mostly to help with air flow. Then after a couple of primer coats and a few coats of OD green, I have the finished lid.

    Here we have the can with the front intake (originally going to be the PSU mount for another ammo can project. I'm going to cover that with some modder's mesh to form the intake. I also recycled the HD bracket from an old case and sealed it in place with epoxy putty. Perhaps if I make more of these, I'll use a different method to mount the HD bracket (brazing?). Still waiting for the I/O bracket to arrive before I paint.

    Here's the first real fit test. I used an old IDE drive to put weight on the HD bracket, and cut an unused PCI slot cover to provide support to the PCI SATA controller. I had to use a PCI controller because the board that I have (VIA EPIA something or other). Some 3/4" x 1/16" aluminum square tube served as the motherboard mount. The 2 black sleeved cabled will be connected to 2 buttons on the front of the can (left of the picture) to serve as power and reset. Power supply is a PicoPSU 90W. And the O/S (FreeNAS) is installed on a 4GB IDE disk on module (can't see it in this pic).

    The square aluminum tubing made a perfect surface to mount the mobo risers. They're miter cut because they were going to originally be used in my now cancelled Causality build

    I should have the rest of the parts this coming week, so hopefully I'll have a finished, functioning NAS Can by week's end.

    I do have plans for a 4 to 8TB version which will utilize the s478 ITX board that I have.

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    Paint job turned out pretty decent. The thick lid was a pain to drill a .5 inch hole for the 32gb 40mm grenade.

    Here's a shot of the custom I/O plate that I had made at

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygoat333 View Post
    nice plate. how much did that cost if you don't mind me asking?
    With the connectors and such factored in, it was about $50 or $60 with shipping. Yeah, it's a bit pricey, but it looks damn good and I don't have to worry about goofing up making the cuts myself.

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    Now that I have the logo painted on, AmmoNAS as it has come to be known as, is finished. Next up is a water cooled gaming machine in a 20mm ammo can.

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