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Thread: Cooler Master GX-450W PSU PRE-Release Review!

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    Default Cooler Master GX-450W PSU PRE-Release Review!

    I managed to get an evaluation Cooler Master GX-450W Power Supply recently and wrote a review of it here:

    For the first time, I had the spare cpu inventory to test the efficiency of two power supplies using three different Intel processors. The wattage differences between the GX-450W and a DiabloTek 400W PDSA400 were quite dramatic.

    Remember, if you start using these 80 Plus certified power supplies, not only will they pull less power but they will also generate less heat which is a by product of an inefficient PSU.

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    Default Re: Cooler Master GX-450W PSU PRE-Release Review!

    Hmm, methinks you should have checked with CM and your editors before posting that..

    As a courtesy to Cooler Master, this review has been removed until the March 29, 2011 official release of the GX-450W! Please check back for the full review then. Sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause.
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