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Thread: microsoft drivers updates

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    Default microsoft drivers updates

    Instead of launching Microsoft’s website to download for updates for my PC, how else can I do the update?

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    Default Re: microsoft drivers updates

    If your running windows 7 there is a windows update link under the programs list, you can also access windows update from the control panel options.

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    To automatically update you Windows in the feature, you can just launch you pc’s control panel w/c includes windows update. Just click on the START button, then click ALL PROGRAMS, and select WINDOWS UPDATE. However, as Microsoft updates alone are not enough especially for Microsoft driver updates, you may also try searching for a software that can update both your pc’s hardware and software. For a free download you may try, just click on the link.

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    if you're looking for driver updates, vid cards are found at either or (or intel, but microsoft has intel drivers pretty well down) depending on the brand of your card of course. if you aren't sure what card you have nvidia has a utility that autodetects your card, and you can always look at the shroud of the card, which usually has the brand printed on it. For everything else, start>computer (right click)>manage>device manager will give you a list of any devices attached to your computer. you can update from there as well.
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    I use Internet Download Manager to trap anything being downloaded. So I have to call the Microsoft mothership once to obtain the updates, but thereafter can run them offline (and without the Microsoft Update engine) anyway I like from my local drive. You can google numerous sites which archive these updates, although I much prefer and recommend always going straight to the official source whenever possible.

    Third party drivers for your mobo, video cards and such should be downloaded from the manufacturers' websites.

    It's always good to packrat every version of every driver you install on your machine, and to back them up on another machine or removable media because you never know when you'll need to reinstall or rollback drivers again and again to get it all working perfectly. When it comes to drivers (and their related apps), newer is not always better. I would personally recommend not flashing BIOS or firmware updates unless they correct a bug or improve performance/reliability/security issues which involve your particular hardware - although by all means download and packrat them just in case.
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    If the official site works not so well, you may also try other methods to update the computer drivers, such as using some driver’s detective software or others, they can scan and upgrade the whole missing drivers easily. You may try them if the drivers trouble you.
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    Default Re: microsoft drivers updates

    Haha, 3 times in one useful thread! With useful responses! EPIC!
    Minus points for necroing a 2 month old thread though.
    I'll procrastinate tomorrow.

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