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    Default Best fan for Rad

    Hey guys,
    Im looking for some advice
    for my next rig I'm using a Corsair H50 to cool my 2600k. Im wondering what fan to buy for the rear exhaust on the H50 radiator. I hear there is quite a difference between air pressure and CFMs. I also heard that radiators benefit from a fan that has more air pressure (mm H20) rather than CFMs.
    I have a few fans picked out but its a saturated market. Heres the list....

    Let me know what you guys think. Got a good fan in mind around 15 bucks?

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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    I was always told use yate loons on rads.

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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    hey bro, get that worklog up!

    Also, you can go with a gentle typhoon...

    Slap that on the rear and put your led fan on the front.

    and the reason i picked one thats $25 is because i know you... lol... the gentle typhoon is decently quiet for a high performance fan.
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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    Yea everywhere i look people say go with a gentle typhoon but there arent many places that have them in stock. they arent made anymore!

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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    The static pressure is more important than CFM, but CFM is also important. The static pressure is a measure that relates to how well the fan can force air through all the rad fins...the CFM is obviously just how much air it's forcing.

    The GT has good static pressure and will work fine if you need a quiet solution.
    Check out Triebwerks if $35/fan doesn't scare you. They are excellent fans...especially for water-cooling.
    I'll procrastinate tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    Noctua makes fans specifically for water cooling. They've got different models to suit rads with tight or loose fin spacing as well

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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    problem with noctua is theyre ass ugly lol. finding a GT in stock is a pain but ill probably go that route. Thanks for the help

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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    i've always used yates, wicked price and perfromance.

    otherwise delta's work if noise isn't a concern
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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    Is it too late to add that I think the Noiseblocker 120mm MultiFrame M12-P PWM are awesome for rads?

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    Default Re: Best fan for Rad

    I've found that the bigger the gap between two blades, the better the pressure/volume created. But the more noise is created.

    These are the meanest and most reasonable fan i've come across that i was impressed with.

    4.5~13v range so it'll go pretty low and have a nice top end for those times you need ultra cooling.

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