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Thread: Video card heatsink

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMainMan View Post
    I'll have to make sure I can find all the parts, I don't want to offer you half of what you need . I'll try to have a look in the next couple of days when I'm home.
    Awesome, it's much appreciated

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    Default Re: Video card heatsink

    So I found the cooler if you're still interested. I can't find the screws but they're available from AC for pretty cheap here. I have the original ram sinks but I don't know how well the thermal pads would stick again. Replacements can be found here, or here.

    EDIT: I found the screws, they were in another box.

    Some photos.

    It's pretty dusty at the moment, I will clean it and remove the dried thermal paste. Send me a PM if you're still interested and we'll discuss price.
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    you sure could put some bad a@# 80mm fans on that heatsink and goto town with the GPU and shader freqenecies.

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