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Thread: Xbox and Windows Media Center

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    Default Xbox and Windows Media Center

    Hey guys,
    im having quite a bit of trouble with using WMC on my xbox. I previously had it set up and working fine, but then one day, WMC on the xbox could not find my computer. I have been attempting to set up the connection again but my computer says it 'cannot set up extender'. The online help is not very useful.

    I do not think it is a problem with my router (2WIRE Uverse), because when i test the WMC connection on the Xbox, it connects to the network fine, but has troubles communicating with my PC. Both the xbox and Pc are wired and i have no anti virus software installed.

    I have tried factory resetting my router, messing with firewall and DMZ settings on it as well. Also, i have completely disabled both the private and public firewalls in dice. Im running Win7 Ultimate 64bit. Id love to try any suggestions you may have.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Xbox and Windows Media Center

    did you change any media sharing options? also what is your OS?

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    Default Re: Xbox and Windows Media Center

    Not that i know of. Im running win7 ultimate 64bit

    This is very confusing. Everything seems perfectly fine.
    Not 5 minutes ago i was able to set up a new WMC connection on my netbook just to test.
    Ill keep troubleshooting...
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