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Thread: Custom built Razer Lian Li PC-71 Case

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    Default Custom built Razer Lian Li PC-71 Case

    Ok, so for a bit I built custom computer cases. Some were nice enough that some larger (can't mention names) corporations bought them for display. This was my personal case that I used to use when I played Modern Warfare competitively (yes, on pc). Comes w/ everything shown. All cuts were either drillpress, laserjet, or waterjet cut. A lot of $$$ and time went into this case, and it's time for someone else to enjoy her. with the extra drive storage it can hold 9 3.5" hdd, 3 3.5" external, and 3 5.35".
    Vandal Switches, mnpctech billet fan covers, mnpctech countersunk handles reinforced on the main structure of the case (in otherwords you could swing this thing fully loaded like a ragdoll and they won't pull out), lian li fan controller, random 80 and 120 mm fans, ALL 3 sides.

    I have feedback on pbnation, mcarterbrown, and ebay. If you'd like to see it let me know.
    I only accept paypal.

    bottom flip cover disappeared on me, can be easily replaced w/ current generation since they're made so mod friendly

    $300 obo shipped CONUS

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    Default Re: Custom built Razer Lian Li PC-71 Case

    $300 for a case? Funny.
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    Default Re: Custom built Razer Lian Li PC-71 Case

    ^what he said...

    Its a nice case, but any of us could do the same thing, and the box itself is $100? 150?... its used, dusty, and modded... Take the price down to $80 or $90 and you might get some offers...
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    Default Re: Custom built Razer Lian Li PC-71 Case


    This ain't a Level 10....
    Two years. They were great. Let's make the next ones even better!


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    Default Re: Custom built Razer Lian Li PC-71 Case

    i saw this before it even had replies, i figured a reply wasn't worth my time, haha. especially with one post, not to mention its grossly overpriced.
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    Default Re: Custom built Razer Lian Li PC-71 Case

    well they're 120$ new on ebay.

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