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Thread: Silent PSU + GFX?

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    Default Silent PSU + GFX?

    Hey hey!
    So i bought a Fractal Design R3 a while back and i like it alot, really quiet and good to look at, but i would like it even more quiet so im looking for a really silent modular PSU in the 600-700w range and a gfx card that is really silent aswell.
    The gfx should be able to handle StarCraft 2 without any problem at highest setting.

    Suggestions ?


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    Default Re: Silent PSU + GFX?

    if you can get away with a 500 watt i would strongly recommend this

    Otherwise, i honestly can't say i've ever had an issue with any noise from my corsair PSU. As for a graphics card, whats your price range?
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    Default Re: Silent PSU + GFX?

    this is probably the best passive video card on the market right now.

    It's a Radeon HD 6770 for 159.99$ and it'd blow starcraft 2 away like pearl harbor. it'd also run on the fanless 500W PSU above as long as the rest of your computer is within the tolerances.

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