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Thread: Project Synthetica by AnG3L

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    Default Project Synthetica by AnG3L

    By jdbnsn

    Meet AnG3L. AnG3L has been with TBCS for a little over a year now and has already shown us some strong work. This time he chose to construct a totally custom PC mod from the ground up based on some architectural designs by Zaha Hadid.

    While not a direct likeness, it is certainly a beautifully conceptual homage to the famous architect. As you will see in this plan he had to wrestle with some of the classic arguments of architecture, does form follow function, or the other way around? After studying some of the architects numerous designs, he chose one her builds that fit the needs of component placement and free heat control while retaining the crucial element of a bad ass facade.

    Apparently he has the dedication of professional architect as well since he dedicated a full 200 hours to the plans alone! AnG3L used a combination of high-tech machinery and good old fashioned hand-craftsmanship with a variety of material including fiberglass, acrylic, and modeling paste.

    One of my favorite features of this mod is the custom designed reservoir made from acrylic tube and stock, definitely unique and elegant and fits his design well. And though he uses state of the art cutters and designing, he also shows that he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and work with his hands. His meticulous nature shows in the fiberglass shaping and the use of wooden blocks for aluminum bending.

    There is something in this project for everyone to be inspired from and the members agree. They shouted "feature this mod!", and I couldn't agree more. Congratulations AnG3L, you've won the hearts and minds of the TBCS citizens, and that of my own. Welcome to the hall of featured mods!

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    Default Re: Project Synthetica by AnG3L

    I would like to thank the stuff and members of the TBCS community for choosing my mod to be featured in the front page!!! Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Project Synthetica by AnG3L

    Nice feature. More pretty cases!!!!

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    Default Re: Project Synthetica by AnG3L

    Awesome case man! Truly a work of art.

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