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Thread: M8: Watercooled casemod by p0Pe

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    Default M8: Watercooled casemod by p0Pe

    By jdbnsn

    While scoping out a new line of water-centric cases by CaseLabs at, his holiness saw the light. Cases designed as "high end enthusiast watercooling cases" are surely taken to the highest level possible right? If you think so, you don't know p0Pe.

    This crazy little dude from Denmark went all sea-sick on this case, stripped it down to the fish bones and started over. His prior project PC-Beto while a dazzling success left him with ideas for improvement in the design of his water system. PC-Beto had some wicked flows though he was not satisfied with how difficult it was to drain, tune, and replace parts. So his new focus on M8 was not only a heavenly state of cooling ability but also practicality in terms of maintenance.

    He starts by custom milling some aluminum plate and "glass-blasting" them to a very cool looking rough finish only to learn that he is not an credentialed aluminum welder. Minor set back but no big deal. He switched to steel and re-cut a framework to mount the pumps using a custom rail-mount on the radiator. The result is quite harmonious in design.

    Moving on to the cable management portion he tosses in a little anti-hater hate with respect to the grand CNC vs artisan debate but don't get distracted, his ideas are unique and exquisite. He designs a block to route wires through and does the 3D printer mills routine to produce a very clean looking wire passage behind the motherboard tray. He also made a very sleek PSU wire harness fastener branded with the Papal seal of p0Pe though that will be on the inside (sorta like a Vatican secret). I'm also nervously anticipating an explanation of the mysterious "go through thingy".

    When it comes to the reservoirs, you can really start to see the plan come together with slip out filters built into his sassy "show-off" reservoirs complete with angled flow guides.

    p0Pe is a long time member here at TBCS and one of our good friends, he's even done some work for us in 3D animation and video editing and we're glad to have him in our ranks. Keep up the great work on the project and thanks for sharing with us my friend!

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    Default Re: M8: Watercooled casemod by p0Pe

    Whuuh thank you very much! Nice article
    is that a 120.9 raddy on your case, or are you just happy to see me?

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    Default Re: M8: Watercooled casemod by p0Pe

    Pope the dope You deserved it bro as your work is always astonishing !!! Mod on!

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    Default Re: M8: Watercooled casemod by p0Pe

    Such an amazing build! I can't wait to see more!

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    Default Re: M8: Watercooled casemod by p0Pe

    Crazy high quality case mod, like it a lot & it's still work in progress, this really will be mind blowingly awesome when complete.

    Project mate lol

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