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Thread: Project Idea: NZXT M59 "Vulcanized"

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    Default Project Idea: NZXT M59 "Vulcanized"

    I know it's been a while since I've posted here on TBCS. Grad school has this nasty tendency to drain away all my free time with assignments, papers, and unit plans, and I had to put Project BBQ-Q on indefinite hiatus until I can obtain another suitable table grill. On the other hand, it has given me a lot of time to think about modding, and to finally decide what I want to do to mod my NZXT M59 case that's been housing my gaming rig (see my current system specs) for the past year and a half.

    I really admire the look of the NZXT Vulcan case, but I don't like being limited to mATX motherboards. My M59 is large enough to handle full ATX motherboards, but small enough that hauling it to LAN's is not overly demanding. So, I plan to "Vulcan-ize" my M59 to emulate (but not exactly duplicate) the Vulcan's aesthetics, with some twists of my own, of course.

    I want to work up a SketchUp file to show the exact details, but I'm a complete novice in SketchUp. If anyone has a SketchUp model of a NZXT M59, it would be extremely helpful. Until I can get a picture posted, I'm planning to do the following:
    • Swap the NZXT fans for Xigmatek XLF Orange Fans
    • Replace the blue side fan with an orange NZXT 140mm fan
    • Install NZXT 2m Orange LED Cable kit for interior
    • Replace the blue LED "night light" in the front panel with orange LED's.
    • Paint front panel plastic orange; leave mesh black

    The plan is to use this opportunity to mod the case and upgrade some of my hardware at the same time. I'm planning on swapping the CPU cooler with a Corsair Hydro H60, add a Corsair Dominator Airflow memory fan, and install a Corsair Force 3 90GB SSD as a boot drive. This should provide enough headroom to overclock the CPU, GPU, and memory for a performance boost.

    Constructive comments, ideas, and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Project Idea: NZXT M59 "Vulcanized"

    Any rough drawings on paper? sometimes pen and ink/pencil can make a nice model idea before going to the trouble of sketching it out in sketchup.
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