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Thread: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build

    lookin good... although i'm wondering where the red blue and green are gonna come into play. haha. You've got a sub from me
    Not dead yet

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    Package arrived today wonder what it could be? :thinking:

    Great nothing but Packing Peanuts. Didn't April fools already Pass ?

    Oh wait. Whats this buried deep under the Peanuts?Yup My PSU has arrived and now i can really kick some butt on this build!

    OK now to get serious.First i would like to give a Huge Thank You to:

    For all the support they have given towards this build and to me personally.

    Next i will talk about the Hale 90 1000w PSU and show its specs and then finish the unboxing.

    80+ Gold Enthusiast modular PSU
    NZXT introduces the 80+ gold certified HALE90 series built from the ground up specifically customized for gamers and enthusiasts and offers incredibly efficient operation that will meet the needs of even the most power hungry enthusiasts.


    OK now that we established its a great PSU from NZXT we can move on and finish the Unboxing:

    A cool little NZXT bag to hold all the Modular cables.That will be sleeved in Para cord when i am done.

    Damn isn't she a Beauty. Its almost a shame they are letting me get my hands on it. Because i don't plan on it looking like it does now for long.And it looks so good right out of the box.

    Waste of a sticker on me:

    Take Care Guys and should have even More updates for you late Tonight!

    Keep watching, now some real work is going to get done!

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    As promised i said there would be another update tonight.And here it is:

    Ok one of the biggest Mods this build is getting is ,I want it duel loop with the tubes showing through a window in the top of the case.So when you look at the case from the side you can see the coolant flowing across the top of the case cover on both sides.There has been a ton of obstacles to get this to work and I'm still not out of the woods yet.

    First i will start with the Fans.The fans i got from NZXT came in white.I told them i didn't care because i was painting them anyway.Then i ran into a little problem.There were plugs either melted or glued in place blocking the plastic ring that needs to be removed to paint the fans.This is the new NZXT FZ 140mm Airflow Series fans i am speaking of. So i investigated the problem and found out it was as simple as popping the blades off and popping them back on. So that being said 10 Fans got Painted today also.

    This is what i ran into when i went to take the Fans apart.Believe me i tried popping the plug out and knew something wasn't right:

    So i start to Investigate the problem by throwing a Milling bit in my drill press on low speed and slowly cutting into the plug.The plug goes all the way down to the bottom against the plastic ring you usually take out to remove the blades:

    I was more then willing to sacrifice a fan if needed to find out how to get these apart. No worries though no Fans were harmed in the process.

    Result was success. I found i could easily just pop the blades on and off if i applied slight pressure to the inside of the blades. I would do this to many times because you will eventually wear out the plastic clip that holds the blades in.

    Ok so that problem was solved so now to start painting the Fans because i need them a darkish red color:

    Ok next i had to remove the top cover of the case and do some more Modding.I needed to add 3 Pass troughs in just the right place so the tubing on each side went to a separate loop and in a way that will make the end of the build look very clean inside for the amount of cooling in such a small space.I also prepped and repainted the top because if you remember there was a lot of cutting and scratches etc.Plus the new plate i made to fit the EK XTC Rad was still unpainted.

    Alright. Here we go:

    The top before i started today

    And the work starts

    And here is the start of what it will look like when completed.Allot cleaner and everything cut to the right lengths.But now you can see how the tubing will be showing through the side of the top cover.

    Hope you enjoyed the update.There is allot more to it then it looks because all the tubing has to run exactly in the right place to meet up with the Pumps,Reservoirs etc and still be able to clear all the other hardware.Not to mention i still need to get the top on

    Looks like a nice night to relax by staying up and Sleeving all night

    Take care and More Updates soon so Keep Watching !


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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    Here is an update guys just showing the State of the Mass Effect Build at this moment. Many don't realize when Modding the build comes apart and back together many many times.I figured i would show it this time.

    This is just to make some small changes to the backing plate for the PSU and some other things that needed adjusting. And this was all done Old School! No laser cutters here. Just Dremels,Rotozip and lots of filing and sanding. It still needs to be smoothed out a bit more tonight. Then it all goes back together. and then apart again a few more times. And finally when everything is in place and working 100%. Thats when i will start painting.

    Here are some Photo's for you guys:

    Had to speed up the Drill press a little.I was running on the lowest speed.This is just showing how you change speeds on a real drill press:

    And Back to Work. You can only imagine how much work it is taking a Piece of steel and making everything from scratch with just minor hand tools.It takes allot of time ,but at the end i guess you could say its a truly hand crafted PC. Damn what i would do for a Laser cutter and small Milling machine home . Sponsors? Lol just kidding. anyway back to work

    As you can see its getting Dark out so time to move inside and keep on sanding everything even and smooth. Here is the Current State of the Mass Effect build as of right now!

    What i actually got accomplished in those photos :

    .. Rough cut the whole for the PSU wires to go through.
    .. Made some of the other holes a little bigger for the wires to go through (They were a bit to small) .
    .. Made new Holes for the top and Bottom Fan wires to run neatly and hidden.
    .. Most wires will be coming from under the motherboard so opened them up maby 1 cm.
    .. Drilled all the wholes where i will be applying Rivets to reassemble the build when complete.
    .. Made new holes for mounting the new Modified Drive Bays .
    .. Also made new holes for the Reservoir Mounts (I will still be Notching these when i get to my buddies and can use the make them adjustable.)
    .. Filed and shaped the metal till my hands were ready to bleed.
    .. Next i used a DA sander and sanded everything smooth with a 220 Grit sand paper.(I want to keep the back plate roughed up so the self etching primer will stick very good when it comes time to paint.

    Probably forgetting something. But as you can see something so little takes allot of work if you want the end results to be a very clean looking build.This build will go back together and Apart many more times Just this week before everything is good.

    New Parts i had to order to get things Moving:

    This Build is Completely Liquid cooled by dual Loops all EK, Primochill and Mayhem's but sometimes it is impossible to not use other adapters to make things work.So this is where i had no choice but to use other products not made by my sponsors. (I am sure they understand ) So 99.9% of this build is cooled by EK ,Pimochill and Mayhem's and if i had it my way it would be 100% but we can only do what we can do.

    2 of these adapters to move my pumps down a little.

    3 of these so i could get to the fittings underneath coming through the Pass through's

    1 of these Blocks to make the angle from the bottom Rad heading up to the top pass through nice and clean.

    4 of these Low profile 90 degree elbows because the ones i had were to tall to work.

    Just those few fittings plus shipping was close to another 100 bucks ! So when people think sponsorship mean's is about getting a free build they are crazy.I spens a $100. couple days and i also have a fortune into this build.But don't get me wrong the build would not be possible without my Sponsors.But i am doing it not for the free stuff but for the ability to Show off the companies i love and use regardless if they sponsor me or not.Every Sponsor i have are Companies i Highly recommend and have before this build and will after this build.

    I also ordered some other stuff Last night for the build.

    1 sheet. Another 24" x 24" of 3M Di-noc

    100 feet of the White Para-cord i forgot in my last order because i though i still had some:

    50 white and 50 Red 3mm LED's and some assorted resistors that i will be using to make somethings with:

    And some other small stuff

    Also Have some stuff coming from my Sponsor Primochill / Tyler Industries Thank Guys!

    6 Led plugs sorta like these that i used in Venom but they are from Primochill and not something they have for sale that i can see.

    12 of there Ghost Barbs More then i need but this will ensure i have enough.

    And also 12 black Clamps and they might be sending some other things also.

    Plus another great thing is my Birthday is in 2 days and i always wanted to Make High Quality stickers and Vinyl Decals. So i needed a really good printer for it.My wife bought and came home with both a Really nice Laser printer and really nice Inkjet printer from a Family member that bought them recently and never used them. I have been wanting to get this equipments for a long long time because in the long run it will save me a fortune on my Mods.

    Anyway here they are:

    The Laser Printer HP2025: (This on prints incredibly high quality)

    And the Inkjet which Canon from the Sticker making threads i read is one of the best Inkjets for making Stickers and Decals:

    Also another small update i would like to show.I spent about an hour Polishing up the front Face plate i made for my Pump cage from aluminum. (it came out very nice)

    More UPDATES Soon! Keep Watching!

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    Very exciting day today !

    A package i have been waiting for a long time now has arrived.This whole theme is counting on these items to push it over the top and the cooling is routed the way it is for this reason.

    First i would like to start by showing the story that made me want this person as a Sponsor and involved with this build.This story is very inspiring and and when i read it i knew i had to have him as a Sponsor.All my Sponsors as i said before are companies that i Love and totally believe in or i would not promote their products.Well there is no question i promote Mayhem's products and highly recommend them. (Just be sure you know what you are ordering because allot of his coolants are for show only such as the Aurora Product line.)

    Anyway enough of me Flapping here is Mayhem's Story and its a very inspiring and Amazing story. I guess it could be called a from Rags to Riches story:

    And a link to his Store:

    Meet Michael (aka) Mayhem,

    " Mayhems (formally known as Mayhems Dye) started back in early 2009 by total accident. Michael (aka Mayhem) part owner of Mayhems was fed up of buying in dyes that were supposed to be made for water cooling yet would only last a few weeks at best are were never as strong or as good as described. After trying out many versions of dye made for liquid cooling Michael decided to make his own. Michael initially invested £5.00 on dyes.

    His first steps were good but not good enough so after more research and playing around he started to perfect his process and eventually produced some of the strongest water cooling dyes ever to hit the market place. These dyes not only looked good but they worked for long time in the Pc liquid cooling systems he tested them on and now are a re·nowned product and favoured by the modding community worldwide. Mayhems Dye was born.

    Next Michael took a look at the fluid market and thought once again that all the products on the market just seem to be gimmicky hyped up cooling fluids that never seems to work as advertised. After several failures at trying to produce the same sort of fluids Michael finally found success in his X1 formula. Not only did the liquid look much better than anything else on the market its thermal performance blew every other product out of the water literally.

    As Mayhems Dyes grew Michael knew he could not handle all the work load himself and invited Steve Verity (former owner of Themochill and to come see some of his products he was developing (Aurora). Steve saw the potential in the new products and has known Michael for a very long time. They both came together and re launched “Mayhems” on Nov 2011 with a new name and new web site.

    In Nov 2011 the new web site ( was launched and at the same time mayhems Aurora & Pastel range of fluids was pushed into the face of modders worldwide. The take up of all the whole range of products Mayhems has created has literally changed the face of liquid cooling for ever and is helping change the way people see liquid cooling.

    In the very short time Mayhems has been around it has grown in size and now can produce over 800 Ltrs of cooling fluids a day (this is soon due to double up). These fluids are all built from the ground up and are all made in the UK which is something Mayhems is very proud off.

    Mayhems now has two offices and a warehouse and a product development centre and all so has several people working for them. They employ a colorist, a chemist and several labours to help with the making of the fluids. The testing of the fluids is second to none and there development of new ideas is just a force to be reckoned with.

    Michael said in 2009 on a forum to Tiny Tom Logan of OC3D “I will change the water-cooling forever.” and he still stands by that statement to date. "

    Hope you enjoyed the story where you can see he started out just like allot of us.He had an idea and he did something no one else on the market was doing and created the Incredible product line they have now.

    Here is what Mayhem sent for the "Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build" :

    x2 bottles 250 ml Concentrate bottles of Mayhem's Pastel - Light Red

    Link to Mayhem's Light Red:

    x2 bottles 250 ml Concentrate bottles of Mayhem's Pastel - Ice White

    Link to Mayhem's Ice White:

    X2 10 ml Bottles of Mayhem's Red Dye

    Link to Mayhem's Red Dye :

    "The Red Dye is needed to make the correct color Red to match the Mass Effect Theme i am doing"

    So Huge Thanks to Mayhem's for there help Sponsoring Me and the the Mass Effect 3 -NZXT Switch 810 Build!

    More Updates Shortly !

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    Yup my Birthday and i am giving you guys the present of an Update

    If you guys have been following this thread you realize i am running a dual loop system sorta setup the way Venom was with the reservoirs Being used the same way.So in total technically this build will have 4 Reservoirs. I EK dual bay dual loop Spin Res. Basically the actual Reservoir and fill point. Then there are 2 10" Reservoirs just to hold more liwuid in the system and both being bottom fed straight from the Pumps.The spin res is right above the pumps as the main Res. So the Pumps will never run dry.I am not debating this setup i researched it and used the same setup in Venom and got great results. So this is the way the cooling in the Mass Effect 3 build is going.

    But the Major Part of this whole build and nightmare was to get the Cooling lines to run through the top of the case with 6 140mm Fans in Push / Pull and an EK XTC 420 up there also.But heres where it gets really tricky. I want windows in the side of the top cover showing the tubing which will be flowing with Mayhem's Pastel Ice White on one side and Mayhem's Pastel red Mixed with Red dye on the other side.Sounds simple but if you actually look at the case and the top and realize there are 2 loops it is extremely difficult to pull off. Also it has taken so many hours of planning and so many fittings i had to but that wouldn't work not to mention the actual time put into doing it.

    Lets Just simply Say it was a Pain in the AZZ.

    But on my birthday after a long night of planning and executing a plan I FINALLY PULLED IT OFF!

    The windows aren't cut in the side of the top cover yet because i am debating on sending it out for Laser cutting because one little slip and that's it .All that work will be trash.

    Here are some Photo's of what i have been doing and at the moment it just looks Like a stock Phantom on top.You would never know all the work that's actually done inside.

    Here we go :

    First i will show you guys the New EK HF Supreme Nickel bracket i got.atahe Ram block will hopefully be matching i am trying my hardes to get a top for it.

    I got the new Low Profile elbows and it worked like a charm.Just the right Height :

    Also got some Extensions so i can actually get to the compression unions underneath.

    Ok so now i know for sure i can clear the top of the Cover and get to the compression unions to hook everything up.So now time to start modding the Cover itself. Fun fun. "Oh yeah i got to use my Blade of Lost fingers again to do this Job"

    Here is the top on and you would never even know what was under there. Also i have some other shots of stuff i am working on also.:

    Well that's all for now! More Updates Shorty so keep checking back! Or subscribe to the thread to get notified of updates!

    Hope you are enjoying it so far!

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    First i want to give big Thanks to EKWB , Primochill and Mayhem's for Sponsoring the Liquid cooling Setup for this build.

    Ok guys here is an update i did at around 3 am totally exhausted in my kitchen on the night of my Birthday.I am no pro at it but i decided to make my first video of me actually speaking and talking about the build.

    This Update will Consist of Radiator Flushing and a video of me Talking about the Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Mods.

    Ok Radiator Flushing Time!. I have to have the tubing in this build stay clear. I am taking every precaution i can to achieve that.As you should know from my Sponsor List i will be running Mayhem's Pastel's and Primochill's Clear PRO LRT Tubing.

    My plan of attack to avoid clouding at all costs is.

    1 Heating 5% acidity Distilled Vinegar up on the stove. (NOT TO HOT!) just heating it to a bit hot but not a boil.

    2 adding the vinegar to the Rad's and Shaking the hell out of them and then i will let them sit 15 Minutes and then Dump them dump it out.

    3 Next i fill the Rad with distilled Water and shake it and dump at least 3 times.

    4 ok now to even make go an extra step i put distilled into the res and pump it straight into a bucket (To make sure all the Vinegar is out)

    5 Yup still more steps. Now i set the loop up Res-Pump-Rad-Res i will let this circulate and dump it every maby 6 hours while i am working on other stuff.

    6 I will have gone through 3 Gallons of distilled at least on EACH Radiator before i am through. OVERKILL? i hope so because if anything goes wrong ,it will be hell changing the tubing out.

    This is the best Method i have found for flushing new rads plush i over killed it a bit on the distilled flushing.But like i said i don't want any problems.The second reason i am using this method is this is the method i cleared up the last tubing issue i had that i thought was bad tubing.But apparently it wasn't because the tubing was still clear after 4 weeks using this method. Any way this is not meant to be a guide.This is just what i am doing and what i found to be best in my opinion.If you want to use it as a guide then go right ahead but i am not in the mood to debate flushing methods in the build Log. Although if any questions or debates on the way i am doing it then just PM me and we can discuss it

    Here we go:

    Distilled White Vinegar 5% acidity or lower. (I heard Malt distilled is the best but regular distilled does fine also)

    Big Rads Big Bottle!

    Here you can see me getting ready to heat it and pour it into the Radiator. (Not boiling,Just a bit hot)

    Fill it.

    Cap it.

    And Shake Rattle and roll (Sorry no pictures of me shaking it.Everyone was sleeping)

    Also i would like to add the Vinegar came out Blue when i dumped it into the toilet so there was definitely something going on and a good flush i highly recommend. Sorry no Photo of that either but i will try and remember to add one when i do the XTC 420.

    And here is the Distilled i will be using for flushing. (Going to try and get the best distilled i can in the area for the final loop though)

    Ok and here is the first flush to get most of the leftover Vinegar out before looping it. I used a whole gallon for this part so actually total amount of distilled to flush will be 6 gallons on this build!

    And Finally i Looped it and now will drain the water every 6 hours or so till the 2 gallons are gone! (Oh yeah i have a white wheel to replace the Blue on in the Spins Res.Thanks to Ek and also EK led kits for all blocks.

    "Ok now please don't Laugh". This is my first attempt of using Video to explain what i am doing with the build.

    Oh boy here it is .Please be easy on me. Also if you listen good you will learn allot about the Plans of the build.

    And here is the Video:

    MybadOmen explaining a Little about Mass Effect 3 Build. (Or trying at least )

    Take Care MybadOmen and as always more updates Shortly:

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    Ok guys to me this Update is Huge because i am a Huge Fan of this Kids work!!

    So Please Welcome Andrew Cook (aka) DaFrontlineTrooper to the Mass Effect 3 - Switch 810 Mod.

    He will Be building and Sponsoring a Mass Effect 3 Assault Rifle Prop for the Build.

    And i have been for a long time.He is a very talented individual in the work that he does.Many of you Gamers Might already know of him.So lets get Moving on to him and what role he will Play in the Mass Effect Build!

    Andrew Cook otherwise known as "DaFrontLineTrooper" is Amazing at build Stage Props such as Halo Weapons and Armor and many other Prop's and of course most recently the Mass Effect 3 Prop Weapons.

    During my Halo days i was following him for a long time and always wanted to try and build one of his weapons because not only does he build them .He also shares his talents with the world and shows how to make your own.I could have attempted to make my own weapon but after thinking about it i thought to myself ."How Great would it be if i actually could talk to him and get him actually to come aboard the build and have him personally build the Weapon for it." Well to make a long story short i decided that's what i wanted to do,was try my hardest to get him involved.

    My first email to Andrew was asking about buying a weapon from him and that's when we started talking and he actually was excited about the build and Offered to totally Sponsor the weapon.Even with his Crazy Schedule of working on 4 international Projects at the moment.

    Here are some words from Andy (aka) "DaFrontLineTrooper" himself .

    " Gidday everyone

    My names Andrew Cook or internationally known as DaFrontlineTrooper
    over the internet and within the Film Prop community.

    I am a prop designer on the much anticipate Halo Fan Film : Halo The Fallen and am privileged to be helping out on this amazing Mass Effect 3 Build with MybadOmen and the other Sponsor's involved.

    Hope this goes that little bit further with my little addition =)

    Cheers Andy "

    Also you can Check out all his Amazing work here:

    And here is a couple of His Videos. I highly Recommend you check out all his work! :

    Huge Thanks Andrew for coming on board to help make this Build even that much more Amazing when completed!

    Take Care and i am back to work.


    More updates to come very soon!

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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build


    Yup already another update.

    I am at the point now i want this thing together to the point that i can get working on the Theme so i have been working overtime on it!

    Ok what i did in this Update was stripped the whole build back down again because i finally have the Motherboard Plate the way i want it.I gave the back plate one last sanding with a DA sander and 220 grit sandpaper and then wiped everything down with 70% alcohol. Since this is Bare metal you have to use a special primer called etching primer if you want that pain to stick and not peel later:

    Here is the stuff i will be using:

    Most Important is the Coffee!

    Here's the Etching Primer and Alcohol i used to clean and Prime the Metal.

    Since i liked how the Krylon Fusion came out so far i decided to use it again on the back Plate and 5.25 bays.

    As you can see its good for Metal as well as Plastic:

    Ok i fist started with a dusting coat of primer.Or others may call it a tack coat.What this is ,is a very light coat that you apply before actually laying the coats down .to actually make the primer stick better.

    You can tell from the Photo hear its barely covering the Metal at this point:

    After a few coats and letting the Primer dry i lightly sanded the primer being very careful of the edges and start spraying the Black.I sprayed the black the same way.A dusting coat followed by a bunch of lighter coats:

    After about 5 lights coats here is the final result: (Almost forgot to mention.Whenever i use a spray can i always warm the paint in the sink by letting the can sit in water roughly 70-75 F )

    Next i started on the Modded 5.25 bays by doing the same as above: (Forgot photo of them finished it was getting dark out and was in a rush but you will see them soon enough anyway)

    Here they are in Primer though:

    Next i Put a few Rivets in the new back plate and brought it inside.Even though its fast dry paint i wont mess with it untill tomorrow to avoid scratching it more then i have to. ( Scratches always happen when building.Something always goes wrong where you have to redo something or add something)

    Anyway here She sits waiting till Morning & at the same time i know the PSU and Pumps work because they are all running right now flushing the Rads to the point of overkill to avoid any tube clouding in this build. (At least every effort will have been taken to avoid it)

    Also where the Pumps,Rads and PSU are running right now. (I change the Distilled roughly every 6 hours)

    Also not sure if you guys Missed it or not but i added many updates the last couple days so check the INDEX ,Some really cool stuff happened including the Introduction of the Newest Sponsor to the Build.

    More Updates as soon as Possible Keep watching guys!

    Take Care


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    Default Re: Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build

    UPDATE !

    To start off this update this one is for you Kaged ! (Because you said you couldn't wait to see it finished)!

    As you know from the Last Update Andrew Cook (aka) DaFrontlineTrooper is building and Sponsoring a Mass Effect 3 M8 Avenger Assault Rifle to my "Mass Effect 3- NZXT Switch 810 Build".
    For one i am a huge fan of his work anyway.And for 2 he lives in a far away country from me ,so doing this for the Build is absolutely amazing!

    Here is a Sneak Peek of the M8 he is working on for the build (This is no where near completed )This photo was sent just to make sure it was the correct size and is only sitting in primer!

    Here is Andy's Incredible Talents at work:

    For more Info on Andrew Cook (aka) DaFrontlineTrooper click the link below:

    Ready ? Next is some work i actually did.

    Things are Really starting to turn around now and starting to come together nicely i think.I know it may be hard to see but you have to picture it will all the red and white actually inside the Case plus the Mass Effect Logo's etc i will be adding also.

    First i will start with some small stuff i did getting ready to apply the theme to the build:

    Here is some small touches to the top so Far (Much More work to go up top)



    Next work had to be done to the Front to fit what is going in the 5.25 Bays.Remeber there is going to be tubing going down through all the Bays so allot of thinking and allot of work to get everything to work here. Also with the tubing running down the bays that meant no room for any thing else to go in the bays right? Nope wrong. Just had to think outside the box a bit and am working on some new brackets. First of all i needed 5 bays just to fit whats going in the front. This build will have an external DVD drive with it. At least for the time being.

    So this is what is going inside and how i am going to pull it off . With the wiring and the Tubing also running through the bays:

    First what i did to the front cover so far (Also much more to be done with this also):


    And After. Extra drive bay spot done !

    Also another tiny Touch of red:

    First item that will be sitting in the now somewhat 5 drive bay spaces i now have is a Antec VERIS Multimedia Station Premier Infrared receiver and remote. If you notice almost every build i have put together has one of these in it.I cant live without it and i think i am keeping them in business with how many i bought so far:

    But as everything i have been doing this isn't going to fit either:

    Here it is:

    And after moving the small circuit board,taking off the bracket that slides into the drive bay and of course i will be trashing that big adapter plug and wiring it up with a tiny plug off the PSU.

    Anyway after a few minutes of rework so far on it. It will work wonderful with the 2 inches of room i have in the Top 2 drive bays that now exists:

    Ok now for the NZXT Sentry Mix. (Thank You NZXT for Sponsoring this also)

    Alright and again there is no way this is going to work !This needs to go into the 5th of the 5 drive bays i now have:

    But because NZXT is always thinking of us (or maybe it was a coincidence) The whole Mix comes apart and simply leaves 2 nice brackets to work with and is very thin . Now this works perfect for me!

    Ok so last thing that needs to fit and takes 2 bays .And has no other options but to go into the 3rd and 4th drive bays which will fill the bays is an EK Dual bay Dual Loop Spin Reservoir (Thank you EK for also Sponsoring this):

    This is actually the one thing that has to go in a little and unbelievable! Its a perfect fit without modifying anything. Well i kinda Lied, I am changing the Blue spins wheel out for a White spin wheel

    Here it is anyway:

    And now for one of the other pain in my @$$ parts of the build was getting the drive bays themselves to work out.

    Here is some more work done to them today:

    The feet between the Pump Bay i made and the Drive bays were a little to wide so i trimmed and files both of the down so the tubing would have room to clear down through the bays from the top.I already cut tons of opening in a previous update to allow room for the tubing and Outlets for the Pumps:

    So here is a shot of the 5.25 Bays and the Pump bay looking down from up top. Perfection This is after Moving and Modding the heck out of the bays.

    And finally another Shot of how the inside of the build is looking so far.I also want to mention the EK Clear Plexi Dominator Ram Block i needed so badly EK Sponsored that also and it is on its way here to my door ! (Thank you so Much again EK!)

    ( And yeah we all know by now how bad my iPhone pictures are ! But i promise when it really matters. the pictures will be perfect!But this is the best i can do for Pictures now)

    Both Blocks will soon be matching the CPU block and Plan is to have each have a different color coolant (Not sure yet if it will work out but that's the plan for now) Either way will still look great!

    Also i am going for the same SSD mounting as i did with Venom. So the SSD's will be mounted on the 3M Di-noc Carbon Fiber (Thank you for Sponsoring it This will even out the Chrome and black look and make sure there is not way to much red and white at the end:

    And just some shots with the Fans sitting in the bottom where the EK XTC 280 Rad with 4 NZXT FZ fans in push/pull with be sitting. Basically just to show how it will look when the color starts coming in:

    And just a shot of the Pump bays that i decided i definitely don't want to rivet together because it makes easy access to the Pumps if i use screws or these Plastic rivets i am now searching for.

    Lol really Bad shot of that one!

    Wow it takes so much work just doing the Log its self.Its Crazy. But i want to share everything with you guys and of course i know you like Updates so i try and give them to you as soon as Possible:

    Hope you guys are liking it so far!

    More Updates Soon! Keep Watching this should get really good!

    Take Care MybadOmen.

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