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Thread: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Ok window Mod is complete and installed: Here's the window in and the process i used to make it.

    Most important tool needed!

    And here's the rest:

    Ok guys I am back from a sleepless night! I worked around the clock till just now.I made a bunch of changes and new mods.I also made all the wires a little neater and made the new rear back Plate that is holding my WD Black 2TB 64mb Cache Sata 3 i believe HDD.
    I also changed all the Tubing to Black Promochill Primoflex Pro Tubing.

    Another thing i did was flushed the hell out of the whole system.For a very long time.And blew everything out with 70psi of Air.Then Flushed again before finally adding 3 drops of Dead water Biocide to the new Distilled water.I also made some other changes and cleaned everything.

    I will just show all the pictures because i dont remeber everything off the top of my head it was a long long night;Heres the Photo's of the Revamp:

    OK now its starting to look like a PC again!

    Ok finally million Pictures added.Really wish i had a good camera and could take some fancy shots Because these photos give Venom no Justice at all. But anyway let me know what you guys think so far.And the 2TB drive is in and nice and hidden.All the panels i added are set up for easy removal also.
    Would love to hear what you guys think.I got allot of time in this baby now.

    Hope you Enjoy it, MybadOmen

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Just wanted to post some more Shots since tomorrows the big Day for Mod of the Month contest .please vote if you like it. I worked very hard on it as can be seen in this Log.And did it all out of my own pocket which isn't very big. Also all the modding was done by me besides the Masking I used for painting the name and Logo. Credit for that goes to OCN member named Kaged!

    Intel i7-2700k @ 5ghz 8 threads 24/7
    AsRock Fatal1ty Pro Z68 Gen3
    Powercolor (Reference) HD6970 2gig
    4 Gigs Corsair Dominator GT's 1.5v C9 @. 2136 MHz 1T
    2 Vertex3 SSD's raid 0 @ over 1000mbs
    Cougar Sx1050 Painted and Fully Sleeved( no extensions)
    Case: Modded NZXT Phantom including many mods.(removed HDD cages/Completly redesigned 5.25 bays even had to do some welding/made rear plate to cover all open area's of the rear of the case/ made plate and brackets to mount hidden 2Tb WD Black HDD/made custom easily removable plates to mount SSD drives and EK 8 port Res./Complete custom paint done by me with a HVLP gun Base coat , clear coat Lacquer Auto paint. Also wet sanded and buffed out to have an amazing finish./made custom harnessed/ made and sleeved 2 Led Strips./rewired Antec Veris to get rid of the big motherboard adapter that comes with it. But made it so it will still power the Pc on or off by remote. There is even way more mods then this in Venom and I paid attention to every detail.

    Rs 360 up top push/pull
    Magicool Extreme 240 bottom Push/pull
    XSPC res/pump Combo
    XSPC CPu Block
    10 Asaka Viper 120 Fans @ 86 CFM
    1 Asaka Viper 140 Fan @ 110 CFM
    EK Nickel HD6970 Block
    EK Black Gpu Ram plate
    EK Nickel Dominator Ram Block
    EK 8 Port Res.
    10' Primochill Primoflex pro Tubing Black 1/2ID x 3/4OD
    7 Bitspower Nickel Compression fittings .
    3 Bitspower Nickel rotary 45 degree compression fittings
    3 Bitspower Nickel 90 degree Rotary snake fittings.
    Modded stock Fan controller with white LED's( was very difficult )
    1/2 Gallon Distilled Water
    3 drops Dead Water Biocide
    Silver Coil added inside Res.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.More plans ahead for Venom but this is the finished point for the Mod of the Month Contest.

    Wish i was a better photographer but i did my best using an iPhone for these photos.(I wish you guys could see it up close)The paint job is immaculate Glass like Finish.

    I hope you enjoy these and please do vote tomorrow if you do.



    Dont forget my new little buddy that was born during this Build! (Sugar Glider)

    Thank you guys for all the support while building I need your support the most. Vote on it in the Mod of the Month contest,but only if you think it deserves it.

    Contest is here and Voting i believe begins tomorrow the 22nd or January 2012 :

    Thanks, MybadOmen

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    Default Re: "Venom" Modded NZXT Phantom

    Thanks Guys . Just adding another Benchmark

    So cool, Check it out :
    wife came home with this Tattoo today as we are about to tear Venom apart for a parts machine now.Was a very nice surprise.I t was the closest the artist could do to Venom she said but still me my wife and kids will always know what it is.

    Hope you guys Like it. It is supposed to stand for my NZXT Phantom build "Venom" ;

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