So this is my first mod, so go easy on me. lol

I was a little short on money when I made this mod, so this is a regular desktop

here are the components


Pentium 4 3.2 GHz

1 GB ddr2

300W PSU


120MM blue L.E.D fan

2 green cold cathodes (green)

and a sheet of plexi-glass


this is the inside of the case after being emptied

my 300W PSU


My Cold Cathodes

My L.E.D Fan

My PSU and Fan

The cathodes installed in the case

Everything in the case, I was so happy when I saw everything fitted in.

My plexi-glass after some rough cutting

working on the pexi-glass

some more working

Piercing the ventilation holes

Made holes in the original buttons to make the power on and leds fit

Again just some polishing up, made this little part from the original wheel

Finally, the end result

__________________________________________________ _____

I am looking to sell this on ebay, how much should I ask for ???

please leave me some feedback on this my first mod