Hey, back with another 8bit mod .

As usual, I have a time lapse video of the mod here and have some pictures of the build process as I went.

My Goals for the mod:
Get the Black Mage a partner in crime.

I went to PAX EAST in 2010 and I placed in the case mod competition and CPU Magazine/Intel gave me these parts for winning and I used them for my next mod

The parts:

-DP55SB intel extreme motherboard
-I7 680 processor
-40gb SSD

I added:
-Radeon 5850
-4gb DDR3
-Modular PSU

I plan to bring it with me to PAX 2011

So here are the pics I have:

Where it all begins

I added acrylic bits to this mod

Heres the side of the pc

With the bottom done, and front/side wall

Heres the back with mobo in place


Pictures of the hooded robe

Near final pictures before paint

The new lighting system I am trying out

After some paint

Whats next? Not sure but my goal stands to build one every year