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Thread: Fighting the urge

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    Default Fighting the urge

    I'm looking around on the forums and just can't get past how awesome a Corsair 600T looks when fully watercooled. I'm also debating on getting the 2 cheaper cases and making 1 case but that would take up a lot of room. I find it very hard to not just hit that buy button and be done with it.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    Default Re: Fighting the urge

    I've been getting better and better at fighting the urge to buy stuff. It doesn't mean that I don't want it, just that I'm not buying it anymore.

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    Default Re: Fighting the urge

    I'm constantly fighting the urge. I was the same way about the 600T. I went and saw it in Microcenter and it was so much wider than I thought it was, so I passed on it, for now anyway.

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