Hi Everyone,

I wasnīt planning on doing a worklog on this project as it was made as a pressent for the missus who loved her playstation 2 to play the tekken games but unfortunately it broke a few months back. So for her birthday I decided I would buy one and combine it with her other passion, corsets.

Now Iīve never owned a PS2 before nor have I opened one so I had to look it up and so on. Luckily I quickly found out that they are quite simple to take apart so that made my life easier. I also found out that the plastic they are made out is rather bad, and it was extremely hard to sand it down to get smooth edges. Iīm not entirely happy with how the back window cut came out but I am extremely happy on how the final thing looked.

So here are 27 pictures from start to finish, most of them from the finish as I didnīt plan to do a worklog out of it, I hope you enjoy them, thanks for reading.

PS: The missus was delighted and loves her birthday pressie : )