Hiya guys,

Not sure if you guys were aware but recently on Facebook a bunch of Modders/Reviewers/Forum Owners and others were invited as Friends from the owner of a Ram company called AVEXIR.

After we accepted the friend request we got a message saying we were getting Free sample of there Core Series Ram.Their were tons of people they did this with and im sure many of you are here.

So anyway i was one of those people that got the invite and received the Ram which for now is just a set of AVEXIR Quad Channel 4x4 16Gig 1600mhz C9 1.5 volt Ram (Red).

So i would like to share the ram and just some quick tests i ran today when i got them.

Box Arrived from Taiwan :

And what was inside:

And here is the Ram actually installed and let me tell you,They are super Bright. I have 2 white cathodes right above this ram in this Photo and it clearly blows right through the cathodes.Lol you could probably light your whole case just with the ram.

And a quick benchmark which is basically a drop in and Benchmark. I didn't tweak it or anything so its basically showing the ram at stock settings. And it does very well for 16 Gig 4 sticks 1600mhz running in Dual channel at C9. I also later pushed the Ram to 1650mhz on my Sandy bridge Platform and really cant do much more till i get it on my X79 setups.

My Thoughts on the Ram:

For one it was a very simple install as i had no issues with the ram at all. I put in all 4 sticks and set the XMP and that was it.

Also for looks. This Ram is just absolutely incredible looking. I see allot of Modders or anyone for that Matter wanting this ram. Just for looks alone.

Stability: This ram seems rock solid for overclocking. I pushed my i5-2500K to 5Ghz and the ram ran flawless under Prime95.

Also from the Packing to the Modules themselves,this ram looks very well build and Very high quality and i think we will be hearing allot about AVEXIR in the very near future and seeing it in tons of builds.

"" I am in no way endorsed ,employed or Sponsored by AVEXIR. I am posting this because i really think its incredible new ram and wanted to share it with you guys.""

So what are your Thoughts , Opinions or Comments on the AVEXIR Core Series Ram?

Take Care Guys