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Thread: Ideas and suggestions for Deathproof mod

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    Default Ideas and suggestions for Deathproof mod

    I am Razzle and I'm new around here =]
    I've built computers before, and done minor mods, adding fans, grills, and vinyl, but nothing major yet. I just bought a brand new Corsair Carbide 400 and I want to do something with it.
    I've been toying with the idea of madding a case for a while now and decided to do something inspired on the "Deathproof" car from Tarantino's movie with the same title.
    Here are some links for pics of it

    So what I ask is for any ideas or suggestions of what I should do with it =]
    I have never done any case modding, but I'm a DIY enthusiast, and know my way around tools, power tolls and etc.
    Also, I want to ask if anyone knows if there's any place that can cut a side window for me, I don't have the tools or the space to do it myself right now =/

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    Default Re: Ideas and suggestions for Deathproof mod

    Headlight and part of a grill on the front of the case with a gored up leg sticking from it haha

    On the side (without window) have the skull and lightning bolts

    Up top another grill and an indicator.

    On the window side make it look inside like an engine.

    Just my thoughts

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    Default Re: Ideas and suggestions for Deathproof mod

    Paint the case satin black, then the white skull and lightning. Spray paint trim and such chrome. Then smash the front in with a 20lb sledge hammer.

    Welcome to TBCS by the way!
    I'll procrastinate tomorrow.

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