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Thread: Thermaltake Xaser rebuild... ideas?

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    Default Thermaltake Xaser rebuild... ideas?

    I just rescued a pretty interesting case from the Craigslist freebie section.

    (same case, not my photo)

    The old listing on Newegg: Thermaltake Xaser III V2420A Silver Aluminum

    I'm not starting on this one right now, but gathering some ideas to go for later on. Here's a couple thoughts on my part. Please discuss and pitch in ideas.

    Futile Resistance

    My interests have been sparked by some really cool BORG themed stuff coming out lately. I'm obviously not going to copy anybody's work, but the theme itself and the decorating possibilities are worth exploring. Thinking the outside of the case looks fairly Star Fleet-ish. That front door could use a little embellishment with some light up stuff. I think something that looks like a piece of Star Fleet equipment that's been taken over by the Borg Collective could certainly be interesting.

    Fury 161

    Alien3 themed, exterior of the case will look like equipment from Sulaco or possibly an escape pod. Interior may or may not be inhabited by an alien life form.

    The case is fairly well intact. The front door is the heaviest thing I have ever seen. It is made from several thick aluminum plates and an aluminum extrusion. The top and side panels are brushed aluminum. The window is not in good shape. I have the original fan controller and three of the original 80mm orange TT fans. The case could use some work to place the original power supply location somewhere else... it's in the top. Yuck. I think with some updating of the interior layout and some heavy theming this could be a pretty nice piece of gear.
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    Default Re: Thermaltake Xaser rebuild... ideas?

    What a hideous case. Good thing you got it for free

    It needs a bunch of work and an overall new paint scheme, but I see potential.

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    Default Re: Thermaltake Xaser rebuild... ideas?

    Looks like it would make a great Iron Man case.

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    Default Re: Thermaltake Xaser rebuild... ideas?

    I'm thinkin Johnny Five Is Alive. And, incidentally, as kinda half-cool as that robot might've been, after all the 80s were wild and crazy times, it was still a terrible childish terrible terrible movie.
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    Default Re: Thermaltake Xaser rebuild... ideas?

    If you go the borg route, i say you put some luminglass in there.

    It might be an obvious and abused idea, but you could make it stand apart by making a circuit that monitors cpu usage or hdd activity and converts that to a signal that get wired into the luminglass's mic input that would make the glass flicker based on cpu or hdd load instead of music.

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