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Thread: Standard USB 3.0 motherboard pinout

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    Default Standard USB 3.0 motherboard pinout

    I haven't built a new PC since 2009, so I'm a little behind the times and I've been away from the forum for quite a while.

    I've been trying to find this with Google, and I can't quite find the definitive answer. Are those 20 pin motherboard headers for the USB 3.0 front panel standardized? Some sources say they are, and others say they are not. I was hoping one of you guys might know.

    They really should be standardized. Many of the of old PC's that I had to work with that had USB 2.0 front panel connectors had different pinouts and required manual work to make them right. Some of the USB connectors came with a connector on each wire just to plug them into the right pin and others required a paper clip to rearrange them on the block.

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    Default Re: Standard USB 3.0 motherboard pinout

    Not standard yet. I get some with the 20 pin connector and some with a USB male plug.

    They make adapters from USB male to 20 pin.

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    Default Re: Standard USB 3.0 motherboard pinout

    All motherboards should be the same males plug. I work with boards all day and see the newest stuff long before it hits the shelves at Micro Center
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