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Thread: Happy Birthday LiTHiUM0XiD3!

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    Default Happy Birthday LiTHiUM0XiD3!

    hope you are having a blast!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday LiTHiUM0XiD3!

    Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday LiTHiUM0XiD3!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday LiTHiUM0XiD3!

    Happy B-day!!!! (sorry it's late)

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday LiTHiUM0XiD3!

    appreciate it guys.... got some pretty cool gifts... but i feel like horse ****.... cough sore throat and yellow mucus....

    i have a tendency to destroy the glass on my iphones
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    I wouldn't be surprised if somebody sigquotes part of this.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday LiTHiUM0XiD3!

    Looks like you'll need to be a little more aggressive with that iPhone to crack the glass now. Would be sweet to laser engrave it.
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