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Thread: makita dab radio mod

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    Default makita dab radio mod

    hi, I would like to mod my makita dab radio, I'm a novice so advice is appreciated

    What I would like to do.

    up grade the speakers,
    add a USB connector to charge phone/iPod,
    fit a 12v mini amp inside the casing that holds the battery compartment (may need to take out the deviding wall that holds the electrics and speakers)

    any suggestions wouldn't go a miss

    Problems I face.

    power suply
    the makita radio will run on mains (240 I'm in the UK ) and from makita batteries, the mains power gets converted to 12v 1amp from the power cable, I would like to run the mini amp that I will add from one power source but they are 3amp,

    so if possible I would get a 12v DC 3amp cable that would go into the makita power connector, tap into that to get a feed for the amp, then I would need to step down the 3amp to 1amp for a feed for the radio? how do I step down the amps?

    the speakers I will get are small car speakers, but I don't think I can just swap the speakers as I dont how much extra power they will consume and I don't know about impedance an olms and things,
    I still want the radio to work as it should from battery, so I'm thinking of adding a second pair of speakers that will be able to turn on and off with a simple rocker switch.

    I think because of the extra power usage of the speakers and amp I would only be able to use them when I'm using mains and some simple switches to turn the off when I'm on my 18v battery.

    how does that sound so far, is it do able?
    I could try get some pics up if it helps.

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    Default Re: makita dab radio mod

    I would take a look at getting some decent Logitech speakers instead. They'll draw less current and will be easier to integrate electrically. As far as stepping down amperage, you don't need to. You can take a tiny 12v light which draws a handful of mA, and hook it to a car battery capable of supplying tens of amps with no problem. So a 1A load on a 3A circuit is no problem. And if you need more amperage, you could run a couple battery packs in parallel.
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