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Thread: Okay, I really want this.

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    Default Okay, I really want this.

    Frankly, that looks awesome. I'm half tempted to preorder it right now.
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    Default Re: Okay, I really want this.

    I added it to my amazon wishlist. That is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time, especially in terms of wearable computing. It's discreet, but looks like it could be really powerful and make life so much easier.

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    Default Re: Okay, I really want this.

    A friend showed this to me.... I want 2!
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    Default Re: Okay, I really want this.

    $149, late 2013, looks pretty damn cool.

    I wonder what the (unadvertised) accuracy and latency of this interface are, whether it is user-discrete and involves a learning/training curve, and how much Moore's Law will improve these factors in a few years.
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