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Thread: Free, safe ringtones?

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    Default Re: Free, safe ringtones?

    I usually just take sound effects I like from PC games. Edit on PC, convert to/from mp3 or ogg or whatever is necessary to play on the device. Wide selection, evokes fond memories of teh leet pwnage, completely free.

    Of course, my particularly manly and slightly frightening insane diabolical laugh has been - by far - the most popular ringtone in my collection. For when my boss/work calls.
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    Default Re: Free, safe ringtones?

    You can download Zedge ringtones from their website. I would try that and then see if you can send it to your phone via email. It used to be something like

    Try sending an email to yourself from text to make sure you get the address correct.

    Also, check out I think I used them a long time ago. Not sure if they have changed the past 3 years, but it was pretty simple back then. You pick what you want and they send it to you via MMS.

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