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Thread: jtag in pc case mod

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    here is the player 2 controller i still have to do the battery pack.i am gonna take some sand paper and scuff up the thumb sticks and dpad to make them look damaged and shadow them a little but all looks good so far.
    this one has rapid fire mod bullet buttons zombie eyeball.will be adding bloody figerprints to triggers.

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    Here it is all done came out great im really happy with it here are a few pics full build and demo are in the video.
    enjoy and happy modding to all.

    .here we have a flacon jtag xbox 360 with a 1.3 hdd a 7inch lcd screen modded into a custom pc case with 8 fans flashed dvd drive (LT3.0) with a custom controller and call of duty black ops zombie theme with custom sounds.the system has over 200 360 games and 175 XBLA games and 30 original xbox games installed if you would like to own it email

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