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Thread: My New GTX 780 broke my Computer

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    Default My New GTX 780 broke my Computer

    I turned in my GTX 690 for the warranty in-store and got the GTX 780 instead. (And only paid $100 out of pocket to get a GTX 770 too, that I instantly put on eBay) I installed it and dropped on the new drivers, and that's where the problems started. Windows takes twice as long to boot, maybe three times. I have only SSD's in my system.

    I refreshed my Windows score and it went from 7.9 to 7.4!

    Once it was up and running I launched Borderlands 2 and it played horribly! I thought that ultra settings were maybe the problem (shouldn't be), but even low settings play badly. It could have been onbaord video and would've been no different.

    So, I backed up all my game saves, and then did a fresh install of Windows

    Once I finished my full reinstall of Windows and just about all the important things I have to have, it was all resloved. My boot is back down to 17 seconds and my Windows score is right at 7.9 again. Even Borderlands 2 is back to being flawless

    Four hours of my life.....
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    Default Re: My New GTX 780 broke my Computer

    Strange, didn't have any issues putting in my 770. Theres nothing like a fresh windows install!

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