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Thread: MSI GS70 Review Interest

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    Default MSI GS70 Review Interest

    Its me again everyone... The ghost from modders past...

    Just poking my head in, I've been insanely busy with working on my degree, and haven't really had much spare time, thus I've been offline for a while.

    After a catastrophic failure on my beloved UX31A, I decided my next laptop would need some muscle. I settled on the MSI GS70, and if there is interest, I would be more than willing to do a review on my unit, just to flex my TBCS claws again.

    If there's any interest let me know, as well as any benchmarks that you guys would like to see, and I'll try to write a comprehensive and informative review.
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    Default Re: MSI GS70 Review Interest

    Always interested in hardware reviews.
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    Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.
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