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Thread: Looking for a work log

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    Default Looking for a work log

    I'm looking for a work log from a while back... the only thing i remember is that whomever built it had De soldered the 24 pin connector, and put it on the back of the motherboard.... Any help is appreciated guys!! thanks.
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    Default Re: Looking for a work log

    I remember someone talking about doing that. I don't remember seeing pics of it done.
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    Default Re: Looking for a work log

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    Default Re: Looking for a work log

    Another attempt. Langer tried unsuccessfully to desolder the ATX 24-pin plug and failed, toasting a motherboard as well. I seem to remember seeing someone get the connector on the back as well but can't find where I saw it. Most attempts have led to using markkleb's technique of soldering the wires to the back of the existing plug.

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