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Thread: AMD or Nvidia, What is your GPU?

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    Default AMD or Nvidia, What is your GPU?

    Just curious too see what the majority of our users are using these days

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    Default Re: AMD or Nvidia, What is your GPU?

    EVGA GTX 470 in my primary machine. Got a GTX 260 Maxcore 55, a GT210, and a 9800GT in the parts bin. Might throw the 260 in as a PhysX card if I get back to gaming. Only ATi stuff I used is onboard in the WHS 2011 box and my laptop.

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    Default Re: AMD or Nvidia, What is your GPU?

    I have some of each.

    If quantity matters, I have more nVIdia GPU's, but if use counts, I use the system with my AMD card more.

    2 Quadro 4800's in one workstation (sli) (with a spare), 1 Quadro 4500 in another (with a spare in case it dies). 2 8800's in one rig (sli).

    One amd 5950M in my laptop... Use it mostly for gaming...

    I am just learning Photoshop, so I may end up using workstation 1 more and more in the future. WS 2 is going away...
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    Red face Re: AMD or Nvidia, What is your GPU?

    I agree all this post.Thanx for sharing such an informative post.
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