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Thread: TBCS Photography (Dial up Beware)

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    lol, what the heck. Here's a few pictures I've taken recently, I've been painting some warhammer minis again now that I have a little room, and got to dig these old ones out of the box.

    here's one I've been working on. It is a color test, and has a lot of clean-up work to do and lots of it is nowhere near done, such as the chest, but you get the idea.

    Not exactly the most scenic photos, but fun nevertheless.

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    Default Re: TBCS Photography (Dial up Beware)

    OOOO rank does warhammer me too me too!! havent painted in a few months though.

    Nice stuff btw.

    If you like good painters you may aswell not click my link people say im great eh i can be better


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    Default Re: TBCS Photography (Dial up Beware)

    Wow Ranken. I've done mini painting in the past and that's some good work.

    Aero, where is that streetlight at? That's a very strange look.

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    My friend works at a forest preserve in the boat rental pavilion. All the lights in the parking lot are that design. I think they are some of the sweetest lights I've seen, AND IN A FOREST PRESERVE!

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    Default Re: TBCS Photography (Dial up Beware)

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    DaveW thats an awesome shot!
    I think that in your case the ambient orange glow works, but try living down south where every single light is bright orange at night. You simply cannot take night photographs here as they just turn out orange. we can only see about 10 stars on a clear night sky because of the light pollution from the streetlights!

    Im off to get my 10mm sigma lense in about half an hour
    Edit: Doh, only one place in the UK has them in stock so ive had to order it off the net!
    Aah well it will come tomorrow!

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