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    Default My Mod Idea

    This will be my first mod ever. I was recently inspired by Escobar's Hydro mod and may even borrow some ideas from that for my case mod.

    Escobar's Mod can be found here:

    I am thinking about using the same Antec case as a base but I am unsure. I want a pretty basic black case. I need (at least) four 5.25" drive bays and (at least) one external 3.5" bay (Yes I am including a floppy drive.)

    Below is my Front Bezel idea.

    1: My name. In the top 5.25" drive bay I will be taking out the drive space holder and cutting a rectangular hole in it. In this whole I will be placing a bit of Plexiglass with my name etched into it. (Ideas on what method to use for this?)

    2: Either a watercooling unit or a Fan speed control will go in this 5.25" Drive bay.

    3: CD/DVD Rom. Stealthed of course.

    4: CD/DVD Burner. I am aware that you can buy combo drives however in order to duplicate cd's or dvd's you need two seperate drives simply for effeciency (SP?) This will also be stealthed. Duh.

    5: Yes that is correct, A floppy drive. I'm going straight old school. Lol

    6: Stealthed power button anybody? Just a thought but I figure it would be kind of cool to have a stealthed power button in the second 3.5" drive bay if indeed I have two. If I do stealth the power button here I will bondo up the power button and or reset button as I won't be needing them.

    7: A fan will be going here. I suck at drawing on the computer (drawing and cutting irl I can do.) So I didn't draw the detail. I'm thinking about making a saw blade opening here and inserting a fan. (Blue LED fan)

    Here is the side panel mock-up. As I said, computer mock-ups aren't my thing, so be gentle:

    Here will be a cutout similar to the saw blade theme. Inside the saw blade will be a plexiglass window with an etched design similar (but probably not exactly like) this:

    Also, in the center of the etched design where the circle is there will be a clear blue led fan.

    For the top I will be inserting a pretty boring window directly above where the processor will be and possibly even insert a fan here.

    The mobo side of my case I wanted to do something instead of just leaving it completely blank and boring. I was inspired by a mod called H2Micr0 on a different site. The link is below if you feel like bothering. In this he cutout the words H2Micr0 on his case and instead of lighting it he put a piece of colored plastic behind it which looked pretty cool. I will be cutting out the shape of a monkey and putting green tinted plexiglass behind it. -This Idea may be scrapped in the future.

    H2Micr0 Mod. The reference is 2/3 the way down the page.

    Last but not least I am going to raise up the case by putting rubber stopper legs on the corners of the case. With the extra space underneath I will be putting a single Cold Cathode which will emit blue light from under the case.

    Tell me what you think. A starting Case idea would be really nice as I have not completely decided on one. Also, etching methods or a referral to a laser etching place would be nice.

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    You could FROST the plexi in the shape of your name by putting tape over it and then writing it out and cutting it out with an exacto knife then sanding.

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    Default Re: My Mod Idea

    I was under the impression etching and frosting were pretty much the same thing?

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    Default Re: My Mod Idea

    etching usually involves a tool of some sort, like a dremel. frosting you can do with sand paper, or a rattle can of frosting clear coat. hmm...why do i suddenly have a craving for cupcakes?

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    lmao, so will frosting produce the same light effects that etching does?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tweezy
    I was under the impression etching and frosting were pretty much the same thing?
    Let me hit you with some knowledge! (i've allways wanted to say that)

    Etching is the same thing as engraving and lets you add depth and highlights. Multiple levels of etching can create some truly astonishing effects.

    Frosting is just on the surface and more or less, only difuses the light.

    If you plan to frost i have an easier sugjestion than i've seen anyone here recomend. For roughly $15 you can get a light duty sand blasting gun. Mask off what you dont want frosted (double layer would be best) and hit it with the sand. All you'll need is an air compressor or access to one. You could go to a local automotive shop and ask to use thier air for a min or two.

    You'll have to keep a vigilant eye on the sand blaster you get. What your looking for is a blaster with a small hopper attached to it. It simply connects to any air line and off you go.
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    Default Re: My Mod Idea

    Next question then, does anyone know of a place that will etch the windows for me. Or methods for doing it on my own (without a laser?)

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    Default Re: My Mod Idea

    Here is a guide for acrylic etching. Hope it helps!


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