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I would like to thank you for your interest and time you gave me reading this topic.

I would like to introduce you with new type of computer case that we are developing. We are calling it Erebus and what is it.

We are talking about stretchable computer case.

This is still in testing and development phase so we would appreciate if you tell us what you think about our case and for any questions, suggestion,advices or anything else feel free to contact us or leave comment.

Everyone is familiar with the computer casing, but one issue that every computer cases has is that it imposes its design and its dimensions which are fixed and can not be adjusted which leads to limitations of space within the case and it represents a problem especially if you are a computer enthusiast who likes to buy bigger and more powerful components such as motherboards, graphics cards, hard disks, and the water cooling components for improving the performance of the entire computer. All this leads to jostling within the case and therefore the user must still spend their money to buy a larger casing. And once purchased a new and a bigger case all the old components must again be put into the new case. It is all very time consuming especially if it is a water cooling system. Reassemble the system will take you 5 + hours and even more if you are a beginner. These common problems in our housing are solved.

In our case you simply put whatever motherboard you like, from the smallest form factor to the biggest, longest graphics cards, a lot of HDD-s and SSD-s and large radiators for water cooling. All that can fit in our case. How? Because our case is not like other normal cases. It possess an unusual ability that no one else so far has and that is the possibility of expansion. In just a few simple steps it expands its dimensions to the desired length. (See the demonstration video). And another thing, this case yet we call the reflection of your soul because apart from the possibility of extension it is modular, which means that panels and the outer appearance can adapt to your needs and wishes. with different themes, colors, and additional features.

In normal form it will hold standard mini, micro and normal ATX motherboards.But if you have bigger motherboard EATX and HPTX all you have to do is loosen few thumbscrew's and adjust the size for your needs.It will be able to hold 7-8 or many more hard drives in removable hard drive cages and 3 DVD drives.

In design it was thought of water cooling so the case will have support for 2 full size 60mm radiators (front and top) with push and pull configuration.The size of radiators will depend on how long do you want the case and it will support 120 and 140 mm fans and radiators.With little modding you could possible put even one radiator in the bottom.

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