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Thread: Recommendations For a New Printer

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    Default Recommendations For a New Printer

    I currently have an HP deskjet D2660 printer, and it has been serving me well for many years, but I know that it shall not last forever, and I wish to eventually replace it with a newer printer.

    I would prefer my new printer to also be an HP brand printer, as well, since that brand has a great reputation and has also been my favorite of all the brands that I have ever used, which also include Lexmark, Brother, and Canon, and I also believe that having three separate cartridges for yellow, cyan, and magenta ink is better than having a single tri-color cartridge, so that, when ink of one color is depleted, I need to replace only that cartridge, and not all three.

    One printer that has caught my attention is the HP officejet 6100, which seems to be very nice, but it has far too many negative reviews on for my liking, and is one of my primary sources for online shopping and reviews of products.

    I need a printer that only prints, since I currently have no need, nor the physical space, for a printer that also has scan and copy capabilities, so any recommendations for printers of that nature would be greatly appreciated.

    What does everyone else say about this? What recommendations for a new printer can you make? Thank you very much.
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    Default Re: Recommendations For a New Printer

    I've had my on this printer for a while:

    You can get it used for ~$125 most of the time.

    Combine it with this ink:

    If I were to buy anything I would go that route. I have a color laser jet, but it's not very good and I'm sort of sick of the thing. I hate that ink is so expensive, but inkjet printers make much better prints.

    Of course, it's not HP, and I'm not sure what you intend to do. If it's lots of documents, or you never plan on doing anything larger than 8.5x11, then the printer I'm linking to is total overkill. But if you're a photographer and would like to make high quality prints at home then I think it's a really good buy.

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    Default Re: Recommendations For a New Printer

    My recommendation is to just wait until the next time you go on a computer-spending spree. "Get a free printer with each [whatever]" promotions seem to never go out of style.

    But, yeah, whether you buy low-end or high-end, they'll still getcha on the ink refills. HP is notorious for even installing burn-out-as-they-get-used little memory/firmware chips and crypto modules on their cartridges, making it that much more difficult to go with an aftermarket refill-reuse solution because - regardless of contents - the unit will flat out insist that it's completely empty directly to the printer hardware before it communicates with a PC driver. There are still workarounds, of course, including massive buckets full of ink which feed right into a dummy cartridge ... these would obviously cost more money and take more space than you have available for this purpose.
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    Default Re: Recommendations For a New Printer

    HP is a good brand, no doubt. But i think you could also try something new, like Brother, i am with mein for like few month, and this laser printer had just got my trust, the printing quality, the printing speed, i mean also the price is unbeatable.
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    Default Re: Recommendations For a New Printer

    Yeah if you are just looking for a basic printer then just get another HP on these weekly sales. Should get yourself a proper printer for like 50 bucks or less.

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    Default Re: Recommendations For a New Printer

    Yes, If you are looking for a basic purpose then HP and Canon both are good.

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