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Thread: The G-Pack gaming pc. What do yoyu guys think?

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    Default The G-Pack gaming pc. What do yoyu guys think?

    Found this in my meandering of the internet. A gaming pc designed to be mounted behind your TV, and can also be used with wall mounts. Personally, I think it's a great idea, but wondering what you guys think.

    Here's their website:

    And here's their kickstarter:

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    Default Re: The G-Pack gaming pc. What do yoyu guys think?

    Pretty cool looking! That's a slick looking product, takes a lot of ideas from 1U servers and makes them consumer friendly.

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    Default Re: The G-Pack gaming pc. What do yoyu guys think?

    I like new form factors which break tradition, at least the intelligently-conceived ones intended to serve some useful dedicated purpose.

    This thing kinda looks like a laptop sans screen to me. Maybe a replacement for game consoles and basic computing/internet stuff. I think it would perform well enough but just not have enough oomphf for serious PC gaming. I expect modding and component replacement options might be constrained by physical dimensions.

    Fairly capable mid-/high-end component selections, a little vague on specs ("16GB DDR3" could mean a lot of different things...) - but it's pure Intel so it's gonna have high-end pricing. To be honest, "500W PSU" tells me everything I need to know about it's capabilities.

    But it could spawn a beautiful new hybrid console/computer market, and I for one would love to see a competetive alternative to ye olde PlayStation-n-XBox offerings, especially if it could operate (online and offline) without some play-subscription model, especially if the hardware can be continuously upgraded one piece at a time rather than simply lumping in an as-is model/version/gen number for each new iteration.
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