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Thread: Will Personalized Flying Vehicles Ever be Commonplace?

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    Default Will Personalized Flying Vehicles Ever be Commonplace?

    A staple of many science fiction series (especially Star Wars) is the idea that flying vehicles are as commonplace as automobiles are currently in actuality, and the idea is understandable, since the advantages of flying vehicles over terrestrial (ground-based) vehicles are numerous and significant. Flying vehicles can move in three dimensions, rather than only two, so they can ignore roads or uneven terrain and fly in a straight line directly to their destination, which shall greatly reduce travel time, and their ability to move in three dimensions makes it easy to go around other vehicles that may be blocking their path, which cannot be done with terrestrial vehicles. Plus, there is far less resistance in the air than there is on the ground, so that shall further increase travel speed and decrease travel time while (hopefully0 using less fuel.

    Currently, flying vehicles are much rarer than terrestrial vehicles, because they are far more expensive to own, operate, and maintain, but I am certain that that situation shall change, eventually, as technology advances. In the early years of the twentieth century, automobiles were a rare luxury that only the very wealthy could afford, but they now are ubiquitous, so I am certain that the same shall happen with flying vehicles, as well. A major problem is how to power such vehicles, but I believe that if nuclear fusion is ever successfully harnessed (which may happen much sooner than some people may believe, as Lockheed Martin has been developing a compact fusion reactor that supposedly actually works), that shall be a major step in making flying vehicles less expensive and more common.

    Also, I believe that it would better if everyday flying vehicles were helicopters, rather than airplanes, since airplanes require runways to take off and land, while helicopters are capable of vertical takeoff and landing and can also hover.

    What does everyone else say about this? Do you believe that personalized flying vehicles shall ever be commonplace, and how long may it take for that to happen?
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    Default Re: Will Personalized Flying Vehicles Ever be Commonplace?

    The highest failure-rate component in a ground vehicle is the human pilot. People suck at driving, how much worse will the damage become when they all can fly?

    I think airmobile vehicles might become a reality only after intelligent autopilots for ground vehicles have been refined and demonstrated after decades of use. Flying cars in every household won't become a reality until people are fully confident that the computers can drive faster and better without ever crashing. People suck at thinking even more than they suck at driving, so I wouldn't hold my breath on this.
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    Default Re: Will Personalized Flying Vehicles Ever be Commonplace?

    Mmm. I think the leader right now is company called Moller (sp). They have a quad rotor system and I think the delaying factor for them is there is no system that is in place to fly untethered that is FAA approved. I read that they were suppose to do some test pilot untethered flying back in July - August but haven't seen anything out of it since. I think the big hurdle for anybody no since materials are getting lighter and computers more advanced is regulations. but at a price tag of 500k (I think that was estimated cost a few months back) I know I wont be getting a flying car anytime soon.
    I think once we have self driving cars as a norm in the world then there will be a better look toward flying cars. Since at that point you take most of the human element out.

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    Default Re: Will Personalized Flying Vehicles Ever be Commonplace?

    Something I saw a few days ago. Seems the appropriate place to put it.
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