I am not sure if my post is in the right place here. I am always on the lookout for good test benches. I have the Antec Skeleton, CoolerMaster Test Lab anf the HSPC Techstation. Just recently I bought yet another testbench, the Banchetto K from an Italian company MicroCool. It is affordable and available in Europe, which means also affordable delivery costs.

You can find loads of video's on YouTube, just search for Banchetto K. Check out my video, where I have made some modifications to the bench and my suggestions to make it even better.


I have added:
- non slip rubber feet
- a reset button
- LED lights for power and HDD activity
- plastic screws to hold the Mobo

Also here is my (feeble attempt) drawing how they could improve the design.

Firstly make it bigger so everything fits on the board and add some stuff like shown.

Secondly add some useful buttons and LED's and USB ports as shown in the detailed picture.